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Don’t “Break” Your Comfort Zone - Bend It!

Coming out of the pandemic is a great time to evaluate where you are and where you want to go in the next 12 months. Just as people adjusted to being at home, working online, and only being with immediate family, now things might be changing for you once again.

We’re heading back to offices, starting to socialize again, and while things may not be “normal”, they’re certainly different from how they were six months ago. While it was uncomfortable to adjust to being at home all the time, our comfort zone shifted to match it. Now, we need it to shift once more...

We often hear people talking about “breaking free” from our comfort zone. That paints an image of having to smash apart everything we find comfortable and familiar. No wonder people find the idea of it intimidating!

One of the biggest blocks in attaining our goals is the fear of being uncomfortable, which often leads us to stay within our comfort zone.

But in some cases, our comfort zones can be useful. Only when we feel confident and safe can we get a lot of day-to-day tasks done. Existing within your comfort zone is how we achieve the more mundane parts of life.

The problem is that success is always outside your comfort zone. Going on to achieve bigger and better things requires you to take risks and be vulnerable. A single brave leap into the unknown can transform your life and help you achieve whatever you want.

An important thing to realize is your comfort zone is in your head. You don’t need to tear anything down or break down your familiar walls. Instead, think of it as shifting what you’re used to. Staying in one spot won’t get you what you want, but you don’t need to completely reinvent yourself.

Start with something small: Pick any part of your routine and do it differently than you normally would. Choose a different route for your daily walk, try a new technique for time management, or mix up your routine with some unexpected tasks.

As you get more comfortable with the small changes, start choosing bigger tasks. What are some overarching goals or aspirations that always feel out of reach? Identify what’s stopping you from achieving those things - whether it’s lack of time, resources, or anything else - and start taking small steps to overcome those obstacles.

Over time, you’ll become more and more used to doing things that are out of the ordinary for you. One day, there won’t be an “ordinary” anymore. You’ll be a pro at shifting that comfort zone because you’ve done it hundreds of times before. And then, you’ll be able to go out there and achieve anything!



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