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Spending the Holidays Alone? No Problem! 25 Ideas for Celebrating Alone

The holidays can be a challenging time of year if you’re spending them alone.

Everywhere you go, you are bombarded with images of the “perfect” holiday season with family, friends, parties, and lots of food. If you look on social media, it looks like everyone is having fun.

In reality, the holidays are often lowkey for more people than you realize. There are many people that will be spending the holidays alone for various reasons. Families often don’t live close, COVID has kept people apart, and some people would rather just be by themselves.

Whether they have to work, are unable to be with family, or don’t have any family or friends to be with - there are more people not having that picture perfect holiday than you think.

Whatever your reason for spending the holiday season alone, remember, the holidays are just a day or two out of the whole year. Keep it in perspective. Be good to yourself and know - you are not alone.

Here are 25 ideas for making your personal celebration special!

  1. Watch a funny movie or have a movie marathon

  2. Get a few books and spend your day reading and drinking your favorite hot beverage

  3. Make time for those new hobbies or interests

  4. Clean or organize an area of your house

  5. Volunteer

  6. Do some cooking or baking

  7. Connect with others virtually

  8. Go for a walk or hike

  9. Workout

  10. Dream about what you want to achieve in 2022

  11. Set goals

  12. Create a vision board

  13. Sleep in

  14. Create a gratitude list

  15. Start a journal and daily routine

  16. Organize all your photos

  17. Be creative and draw, paint or color

  18. Get some new comfy pajamas and stay in them all day

  19. Watch all the holiday movies or shows

  20. List to podcasts

  21. Start writing your own blog

  22. Spend time with your pet or consider adopting one

  23. Research different places you would like to visit

  24. Take a bubble bath

  25. Spend the day with a stack of new magazines



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