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5 Reasons Why Women Struggle to Find Purpose

How many names do you have? I want you to mentally tally them, right now.

Are you known as a…













Your list could go on and on. But who are YOU?

As your name changes over the course of your life, so does your external identity.

Did you catch that?

These names reflect your external identity. They don’t reflect your internal identity - your purpose.

Without an internal compass, pointing you towards your purpose in life, it’s easy to get lost in these shifting names. Today, let’s explore five reasons that women struggle to find purpose.

Reason 1 - Women lose their identity in their work or their family

Your job title and the way you are known to your family members are important. Moms and grandmas, we love being called by those names! And you earned that job title at work. It’s important to you.

But it doesn’t define you. Internalize this fact!

Reason 2 - Women don’t create time for themselves

I recently wrote about why many women experience restlessness in their lives. I discussed how “self-care” is more than a wine night with girlfriends or treating yourself to a massage.

We need to create intentional time to reflect on what’s making us happy, what’s dragging us down, and how we can make positive changes. Instead of getting caught up in all of the busy-ness that comes with our external identities - caretaking, working, volunteering - it’s important to pause and consider how we’re feeling.

Reason 3 - Women don’t know that they have the ability to create the life they want

Depending on your upbringing and culture, you may struggle to internalize the fact that you can create the life you want. This is where a coach or program can really help! It’s time to take action. Find someone who can help you develop the tools of self-empowerment.

Reason 4 - Women haven’t taken the time to think about what they really want

Let’s combine the “pause” you took in Reason 2 with the “action” you took in Reason 3:

With the help of a coach, mentor, or program, you can take the time to complete the steps recommended by your coach or program, and embark on your journey of self-discovery.

Reason 5 - Women don’t know what life purpose is or why it’s important. Therefore, they go through life aimlessly and never fully satisfied and/or happy.

This breaks my heart. When women don’t take the time to find and internalize their purpose, they aren’t living their lives to the fullest.

You have so much potential! Your gifts and y

our unique you-ness deserve to be celebrated.

If this message is hitting home, we should talk.



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