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5 Ways to Find (and Keep) Peace and Joy in Your Life

The past two years have forced people to slow down and re-evaluate what they truly value and what they want their lives to look like. Perceived limited options in careers and lifestyles have been shattered, bringing to light new possibilities.

These new possibilities include the desire for a more peaceful and joyful existence.

Many people don’t want life to go back to how it was, pre-pandemic. The busy, chaotic lifestyle of juggling home and career no longer seems as appealing as it used to be. People are craving simplicity - specifically, a peaceful and joyful life.

Take a look at my five tips to help you find (and keep) peace and joy in your life.

(1) Choose your tribe carefully - We all know people who thrive on chaos. They blame, complain, deflect and take little responsibility for their own lives. They are more interested in talking about others than doing the work to improve their own lives. I refer to these individuals as “takers” as they focus on what they can get from others, rather than what they can give.

To maintain the peace and joy in your life, you should limit - or if possible, eliminate - contact with those types of individuals. If you have to be around them, set up clear boundaries so as to not get dragged into their negativity. Choose to surround yourself with like-minded people who motivate, inspire and lift you up.

(2) Limit negative influences - This can take the form of things we are exposed to on a daily basis and is often found in the news we watch or read. There is a difference between being informed and continually listening or watching negative news that may impact or influence your being.

The key is balance. Balance your news intake with listening or reading information that is positive and inspiring. I love listening to inspiring podcasts as I prepare for my day. It puts me in the right frame of mind and keeps me at the higher frequency of positivity. Before going to bed at night, end your day with something that puts you in a positive mindset. Reading a good book or developing an evening meditation practice can help you end your day with a peaceful mindset.

(3) Practice positive self talk - Sometimes the person that can cause the most stress in our lives is the person in the mirror. We listen to the voice in our head that focuses on what we didn’t do right or what we should have done better. Or, we let other people’s words play over and over again. Sometimes we are our worst critic.

This mantra, that I heard from Amy Porterfield, helps me to let go and eliminate worry and negative self-talk: If it’s out of my hands, it should be out of my mind. I cannot waste precious time thinking and worrying about things I can’t control. Since I can’t control what other people do or say, I make a conscious choice to let it go.

(4) Expect the unexpected - It is completely normal that challenges will occur in our lives. We go through seasons of growth and prosperity and seasons that are dark and dormant. Know that when you go through a dark season, it is always temporary. It will not last forever. Use the darker seasons to reflect and stay focused on the positive knowing that things will turn around.

It is often during these challenging seasons that we learn and grow the most. When going through these challenging periods, I recommend focusing on the good things in your life and practicing gratitude and appreciation every day.

(5) Go within - I used to not really understand what it meant to “go within.” When I attempted to meditate, I wasn’t sure I was even doing it right. What I’ve learned is there really isn’t a “right” way. Everyone’s experience will be different. It's just a way to slow down and quiet your mind. Just a few minutes of closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing will help you feel calm,focused, and peaceful.

I hope these tips have helped you identify a couple tactics to bring more peace and joy into your life. Send me a message if you’d like to chat further about this topic!



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