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A Mindset Shift That Can Reduce Holiday Stress

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Do you love the holidays but dread all the work and stress of planning? Are you a perfectionist that likes to have everything just right? A spotless house, planned meals, creative desserts, fun planned activities, etc.? (sigh)

Hosting holiday gatherings is fun but the planning can be stressful! I find myself with multiple lists as I attempt to stay organized and get things done weeks before the actual holiday.

And…. as the holiday gets closer, I find myself stressed out and dare I say - a little irritable to anyone who crosses my path! Every year I vow that next year will be different - I will not have last minute things to accomplish that stress me out!

Well, in reality, there will probably always be some last minute things that have to be done prior to a holiday. But this year I learned how a simple change in mindset can give me a completely different perspective.

It starts with my lists. I no longer have a list of the things I need to do. I now have a list of things I get to do. Instead of saying I have to plan the meals. I now say I get to plan the meals. That simple exchange of one word shifts your mindset from a feeling of dread, to an attitude of appreciation and gratitude. I get to plan the meals! I am grateful I have the means to purchase the food and I’m grateful I have my own kitchen in which to cook the food!

Somewhere there is someone who would love to be able to plan a meal, but cannot for various reasons. This simple mindshift can be applied to almost anything. Yes, the same amount of work still needs to be done. But when you tackle these tasks with a mindset of gratitude, and an appreciation that you are in a position where you really do “get to”, the stress and irritability is reduced and the joy of planning returns.

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