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Diamond Innovations: Are you A Jewelry Company?

The Story of Our Name

Why would anyone name a business - one that is focused on helping others achieve success - after a gem?

My daughter and daughter-in-law thought “Diamond Innovations” sounded too much like a jewelry business! Maybe... to some. But to me, there is a much deeper meaning.

Everyone goes through challenges and trials in their lives. Some are small and some can rock you to the core. How we respond - our thoughts and our actions - determine how we will come out on the other side. We can let it build strength, courage, wisdom, and resilience or we can let it hurl us into the depths of despair.

A diamond is a multi-faceted, unique gem that develops after going through intense heat and pressure. It is then cut and polished to shine brilliantly. This process changes an ordinary stone into a thing of beauty.

Diamond Innovations believes that we are all multi-faceted, unique individuals with the capacity to shine brightly in every single area of our lives. We want people to know they have the power to create the life they want. They have the power to be happy.

The focus of Diamond Innovations is creating the mindsets and behaviors that give you the power to achieve success in every area of your life.

Our goal, as a business, is to peel back the layers of complexity and uncover the brilliant gem you were created to be.

So while Diamond Innovations isn’t a jewelry company in the traditional sense, it is about helping multifaceted individuals find and create their own brilliance.

The Story of Our Logo

After choosing the name “Diamond Innovations,” I moved onto the logo. I wanted it to reflect what we stand for and be a clear, visual representation of the individual brilliance in every individual.

The initial drawings were a play on the letter “D” for Diamond. But that just wasn’t quite right. I explained to our graphic artist that the whole premise of our business is the individual. Even when we work with organizations, the most effective way to achieve success and attain the organizational goals is to work with the individuals to develop successful mindsets and behaviors.

When she came up with our adopted logo, it resonated deeply. Just like the business name, Diamond Innovations, some people don’t understand the significance of the logo. I’ve even heard people ask about the “little robot guy” on the website!

The “I” represents the individual/self. The diamond shape represents the strength and depth of individuals. And the lines around the head indicate innovation, thoughts, ideas, and success as the individual shines brightly.



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