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Itching for Change? How To Identify What To Focus On

Fall is a season of transition in literally every sense of the word. Trees change their foliage, people change their attire, and we look forward to different holidays and milestones.

And it happens every year.

Yet going through major periods of transition in our lives can be much harder and more life-changing than packing away your summer shorts in favor of fall sweaters. Living in uncertainty is something that we, as a general rule, don’t do well with, as humans.

Think of all the common fears: fear of the dark, fear of enclosed spaces, or fear of heights. All of them are rooted in something out of our control, something unknown.

However, as scary as it might be, moving towards something unknown can be the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Transition can be an opportunity to achieve things we’ve not yet accomplished.

If you’ve found yourself yearning for something new but aren’t sure how to put your finger on what, or how to put those changes into action, today’s blog is for you.

Take Control of What You Can

Sometimes, things change that are out of our control. Your children may be leaving home, retirement may be approaching, or external circumstances may be encroaching on your life. This is how the world works - but it doesn’t mean everything is entirely out of your control.

Think about what is within your power. Only you can change how you react to new things. Only you can decide what you do with your time. Make the most of those things that are in your control and focus on them. Everything else is not worth losing sleep over, because you can’t control them, anyway.

Make Your Goals Clear

Once you know what’s in your power, think about what you want your next step to be. Try not to think about what it looks like will happen, or what’s most likely. What do you actually want?

Build a clear picture in your mind, so that you can almost taste your imagined future. It needs to feel real enough that you can describe it clearly to someone else, as if it’s a photo that they haven’t seen.

Keep Putting One Foot in Front of Another

Finally, work out a series of steps that will make that image a reality. If you need to, begin with baby steps. Each one should feel achievable and be grounded in what you’ve established is within your control.

From there, simply keep putting one foot in front of the other. As you complete each step, you’ll get closer to your goal and feel more in control of your situation. Before you know it, you’ll have enacted an amazing change in your life!



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