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Learning to Move on from Pain and Obstacles

"The purpose of pain is to move us into action; it is NOT to make us suffer." - Tony Robbins

While difficult times and painful situations can cause negative feelings while in the moment, the healing can be life-changing.

What does it take to move beyond the painful moments in life?

Put simply, a mindset shift.

In other words, what does that pain really mean?

Stephen Stosny, Ph.D. of Psychology Today explains that emotional pain can generalize, causing those experiencing distress to identify with pain. Failure can feel like it is a fault of your own, rather than a culmination of context, timing, and luck. No path to success is without roadblocks, potholes, and even a few detours.

You often hear that pain makes you stronger... but the pain itself really just hurts!

There’s no shame in taking a moment to lick your wounds before forging ahead once again.

Gaining strength and self-growth from an experience comes from your healing, not what hurt you. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of believing that your lowest moments make you who you are, rather than catalysts for the true healing that shapes you. I’m here to tell you that there is peace in learning to process your pain and setbacks and push forward stronger and wiser for them.

Some of the most successful people have been through some of the most major setbacks. Stephen King’s first novel, Carrie, was rejected by 30 publishers before it was given a chance. The book went on to sell over a million copies in just its first year, and King himself went on to write over 80 books along with hundreds of short stories. The author experienced other life-changing, painful experiences throughout his life, including substance abuse and a serious car accident in the middle of his career. In spite of these obstacles, King still found a way to remain confident in his abilities, and push forward with his career.

Life is full of challenging obstacles. Once we come to terms with the fact that once one passes, another is almost certain to follow, we can better learn to cope. Taking time to heal and using the moments of pain, rejection, and hurt to fuel your comeback can make the eventual success all the sweeter!



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