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Making a Career Change? Five Steps to Consider!

Have you secretly been thinking of making a career change? Does the idea of doing something different intrigue you? Have you been in the same job for a long time and just feel… stuck?

Across the country, we are hearing about the “great resignation” or the “great quit” where employees are resigning or retiring from their jobs and moving on to something completely different. They are looking for careers that are aligned with their passions, increase flexibility, provide greater pay, and yield better career opportunities. Others are just ready to leave the workforce altogether.

Many of these employees are older - ones that have been in their current career for 20 years or more. The chaos and uncertainty of the past few years led many to the awareness that life is short and they want to spend their time doing more things that bring them joy - which includes their job.

If you are looking at making a career change, here are 5 steps to consider:

  1. Get clear on what you want. What makes you excited? Think about the skills you have developed in your current job. How can you use those skills in a different arena? For example, if you have learned marketing skills for your current company, you could easily take what you have learned and transfer that into your own business.

  2. What about salary? Ask yourself 2 questions. What do I need to make and what do I want to make? Identify what you need to make to support your current lifestyle, first, knowing that what you want to make will come with time.

  3. Be confident! Know that the dream you have was given to you for a reason. Have the courage to go after what you are dreaming about knowing that you can achieve it with persistence and hard work.

  4. Know that there will be obstacles. With every new adventure comes challenges. Expect it. Obstacles are not stop signs. They are there to help you focus, challenge you, and teach you lessons along the way. Don’t quit - find a way around every obstacle

  5. If you are older, don’t apologize for your age. Being older is an asset! Be proud of the knowledge and value you bring to the table. It is never too late to do what brings you joy and excitement. The time is now!

If you’re still feeling uncertain, I encourage you to download my free guide: “Five Steps to Clarity During Life's Transitions.”



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