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One Last Gift

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The start of a New Year is a time to stop, reflect, evaluate and decide.

Stop with all the hustle and bustle(and sometimes stress) of the holidays. Take the time to reflect and evaluate the accomplishments, and possibly short falls, of the year. And decide what to make a priority for the new year.

Successful people know they have a hand in creating the life of their dreams. In addition to making time to reflect and evaluate the past year, they think about and become crystal clear on what they really want in every area of their lives. They don’t create only one goal or one resolution, but rather they evaluate each environment of their life and decide exactly what they want to achieve in each area. Once they know what they want, they set a goal, create an action plan, and take action steps every day toward that goal. They also believe, without a doubt, that they will achieve it.

It’s not hard to create your ideal life. But you can’t create it if you don’t know what it is or what you want. Just like the GPS in your car. You can’t program your destination if you don’t know where you are going.

So give yourself one last gift for the holiday season. Take time to reflect and learn from the past year and make the time to decide what you want in the upcoming year in each environment listed below.

  • Job or career : Visualize your ideal job or career. Where are you working? What are you doing? With whom are you working? What kind of clients or customers do you have? What is your compensation like? Is it your own business? What do you love most about it? What does your work/life balance look like?

  • Finances: What is your ideal annual income and monthly cash flow? How much money do you have in savings and investments? Now envision the life that your ideal income allows you to have. What kind of home do you live in? Where is it located? What kind of yard and landscaping does it have? What kind of car are you driving? What are the vacations you take?

  • Relationships: What is your ideal vision of your relationships with your family and friends? What do your relationships with your spouse and family look like? Who are your friends? What do those friendships feel like? Are those relationships loving, supportive, empowering? What kinds of things do you do together?

  • Health and fitness: What is your ideal vision of your body and your physical health? Are you free of all diseases? Are you pain free? How long do you live? Are you full of vitality? Are you flexible as well as strong? Do you exercise, eat good food, and drink lots of water? How much do you weigh?

  • Fun time/recreation: What do you focus on during your free time, your recreation time. How much free time do you have every week? What are you doing with your family and friends in that free time you’ve created for yourself? What hobbies are you pursuing? What kinds of vacations do you take? What do you do for fun?

  • Personal Development: How are you continuing to grow as a person? Do you see yourself going back to school, getting training, attending personal growth workshops, seeking therapy for a past hurt or growing spiritually? Do you meditate or go on spiritual retreats with your church? Do you want to learn to plan an instrument or write your autobiography? Do you want to run a marathon or take an art class? Do you want to travel to other countries?

  • Contributions/legacy: Describe the community you've chosen to live in . What does it look like when it is operating perfectly? What kinds of community activities take place there? What charitable, philanthropic or volunteer opportunities are there? What do you do to help others and make a difference? How often do you participate in these activities? Who are you helping and how does it make you feel to know you’re making a difference in their lives?

If you enjoy inspiring content like this, you’ll want to take a look at my free guide, “5 Steps to Clarity During Life Transitions.”

Happy New Year!



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