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Reframing Your Priorities In Light of Uncertainty

Have you heard stories about companies “pivoting” during this pandemic? 

Many retail stores, from large chains to mom-and-pop shops, started offering curbside pick-up for items ordered online or over the phone. This service had virtually no demand, pre-COVID-19, but now has become a much-appreciated lifesaver for many families. 

Or take the example of gyms. With their doors shuttered, many fitness centers started live-streaming their workout classes to keep their members moving and engaged. You have to wonder if many people will ever bother going back to the gym!

These businesses - and countless more - have reframed their service and product offerings to meet the demand of a changing consumer base. 

Let’s talk about how we can do this at the individual level. Let’s examine how we can reframe our priorities to align with our new futures.

Many people were forced to think differently due to layoffs and closures while others are fortunate enough to work in industries that either survived or grew during these challenging months. Some people might be taking this opportunity to retrain and pivot into a new career. My heart goes out to those who are facing hardships. 

This unprecedented time is an opportunity to take a good, hard look at our priorities. 

For instance, we are all spending a LOT more time at home. Maybe we’ve rediscovered a lost hobby or gained a new appreciation for a family member. Once life returns to “normal,” how can you make sure you don’t lose those newly discovered joys?

If work has slowed down or if you’re taking a pause, this is a chance to focus on the items at the bottom of your to-do list. What projects have you been putting off? Where can you reorganize and regroup? 

You may even find that now is a good time to invest in professional development courses or training, to retool yourself for the next stage in your career. 

I challenge you to make a list of the things you’ve learned about yourself in the past four months. Identify 2-3 areas that you can focus on for the second half of 2020. Hopefully, this gives you a new sense of purpose and excitement, despite a challenging year!



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