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Success in the Second Half

The second half of our lives is often filled with a variety of transitions. Empty nesters, job changes, retirement, relocation, or relationship status changes. Some of these are expected changes, but some of them are not.

The one transition that often catches people off guard is the changes that occur in the careers of people 50 years old and up. Individuals that once loved their jobs have either lost interest or are not as sharp as they once were. They find they are not interested in the new things their company is implementing and they are no longer interested in putting in as much time and effort as they used to.

Research has shown that the ability to innovate and generate new ideas often peaks at about the age of 35. People strive from early on in their careers to be successful and make a difference. But at some point, there is a shift. What used to excite them, is now just ok. They find themselves taking those vacation days when previously they never took any vacation days. They just don’t feel as invested in what they’re doing - and they are the first to know.

If you can relate to this, you’re not alone. You have a choice - you can continue plugging away, knowing that you’re not as effective or interested as you used to be, or you can look at exploring doing something different. This shift doesn’t mean you don’t like your job, but the innovation, excitement, and creative ideas that came earlier in your career are a little harder, and take a little longer, to create.

People who have successfully navigated these changes are ones that found they can continue to be happy and successful by taking a risk and doing something different. It might even be in the same organization or career field, but rather than innovating, they are now sharing their knowledge and expertise with the newer employees in the company. Or, they have decided to reinvent themselves and do something completely different.

The key to success and happiness in the second half of life is the ability to recognize these transitions. People that hang on and try to produce the same results they did when they were 30 years old are the ones that become frustrated and start to feel irrelevant.

The ones that recognize the transition in themselves and do something about it, move on and experience very fulfilling lives in the second half. They recognized they have the power to create a whole new life that is just as fulfilling and rewarding - if not more. With a little work, you can make the second half of your life even better than the first!

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