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Success is Always Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Your comfort zone is where you know you can succeed. It’s where you feel confident, safe, and able to accomplish your daily tasks. But it is also a place that holds you back and keeps you in the same place you’ve always been. After all, how can you expect to grow if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to do so? A lot of the growth and success you’re looking for is right outside of that invisible line you won’t cross.

The thing about your comfort zone is that it’s totally in your head. You’ve drawn those lines in the sand - so it’s also possible for you to cross them.

Remember: Breaking free from your safe space doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” experience. You don’t have to bust through the wall; you just have to bend it a bit!

Small Steps to Bend Your Comfort Zone

Once you take away the scary image of bursting through your wall of comfort, you can start to see the smaller steps that you can take to slowly bend it.

Here are some examples of bending and shifting a comfort zone so that you can start to see progress, without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Shy about offering your opinion? Set a goal to speak up at least once in every work meeting.

  • Terrified of public speaking? Volunteer to give a speech on your zone of genius.

  • Self-conscious when you’re alone? Take yourself out to eat, out for a drink, or to a movie.

  • Nervous about getting rejected? Make the first move in asking a new friend or potential date to grab coffee.

While these may seem like small steps that won’t accomplish much, they are actually huge steps toward shifting your idea of your comfort zone. Once you see that you can accomplish these things, you’ll start to understand that you are capable of accomplishing even more.

Bigger Steps to Take

Once you’ve accomplished these smaller steps, it’s time to take it a little bit bigger. Try some of these more daring tips.

  • Push yourself to take a class on a completely unfamiliar topic - tae kwon do, figure painting, etc. - and complete the entire course, aiming to get a little better at the skill, each time.

  • Confidently say “no” to the things you don’t have time for or don’t want to do.

  • Confidently start saying “yes” to things you really want but don’t feel quite ready for… yet!

If you follow these steps, before you know it, you’ll be tackling bigger and bigger goals until your old comfort zone is in your rear-view mirror!

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