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The #1 Factor that Prevents You from Achieving Your Dreams and Goals

When you think of all the people who have dreams or set goals, how many of those people do you think actually attain those dreams and goals? Surprisingly, not many! According to recent research, only 8% of the people that set goals actually achieved them. That means that 92% either failed or gave up!

Why? Why is it so hard for so many people to achieve what they want? Is it due to life circumstances? Is it because of other people? Or is it because people don’t have the resources they need?

Actually, none of those is true. The real reason might be surprising because it is completely controllable. It’s YOU! It’s your beliefs! Sure, those other things may be factors that cause you to believe you can’t achieve. It’s easy to believe that we don’t have control over our lives and we are victims of circumstances. But that in itself is a belief that limits you.

Everyone develops a set of beliefs as we go through life. The specific beliefs that prevent you from achieving what you desire are called limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is a judgment about yourself, or your ability, that you believe is true. Common limiting beliefs are: I’m too old; I’m not smart enough; I’ve already tried everything; or I’ll never be able to do that.

These limiting beliefs do just that - limit you from achieving what you want and reaching your full potential. For example, if you have a limiting belief that you are not a good painter, you will most likely avoid any type of activities or situations where you have to paint. It makes you feel uncomfortable and there is often fear of looking or feeling like a failure.

This limiting belief can prevent you from trying new things, experiencing new life opportunities, and ultimately can prevent you from achieving your dreams or goals.

Limiting beliefs originate from fear and everyone has them. It’s easy to want to stay within the areas of our life that are comfortable. Nobody wants to take the risk of trying something new and looking like a failure.

However, the 8% of individuals that do attain their dreams and goals have learned how to move outside their comfort zone, banish their limiting beliefs, and as a result, achieve massive success.

If you would like to learn how you too can overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, click here for my free guide: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Free Guide



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