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The Power Within

As a child, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in school. I was shy and insecure and, although I can’t pinpoint what it was, I believe that this was a learned emotion that came from an experience.

Maybe I tried something and it fell short of expectations. Perhaps it was that I couldn’t achieve something by someone I trusted. Whatever it was, it certainly colored how I saw myself moving forward.

I’ve been thinking about this recently: how a seemingly small instance can affect our beliefs about ourselves and our abilities moving forward. They become roadblocks to what we can achieve.

Roadblocks or speed bumps

Tough experiences that people go through tend to limit them. We put up roadblocks in the way of what we believe we can achieve, based on those difficult past experiences. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can choose to take these experiences and propel you forward, looking at them more like speed bumps than roadblocks. They are moments for you to slow down, take stock, and then move forward with renewed energy.

I encourage you to use disheartening moments as motivation and energy to succeed - to go further than you believed you could before. Don't be a bundle of fears like I was - tap into the power within and move past those limiting beliefs!

Choose your beliefs

When it comes to things we believe about ourselves and our power, they are our own to create.

Sometimes, it can feel as though they are thrust upon us from someone else - but we can change our beliefs.

The next time you encounter a limiting belief, like "I'm not good at math" or “I can’t draw”, try saying the exact opposite to yourself out loud three times. Just hearing yourself counteract those negative beliefs can affect how you see yourself - and even give you the boost to go out there and achieve what you thought you could never do.



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