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Three Tips for Keeping Your Work-From-Home Space Organized

“Tidy desk, tidy mind.”

It might be a cliché, but every cliché is grounded in truth. The more organized your surroundings are, the better your mind will work and the more productive you will feel. Plus, who doesn’t love the excuse to get matching stationery and organizational tools?

Staying organized has never been more important than when working from home. You can’t let your professional and personal life become too blended, or you’ll never be able to really keep up that work-life balance. When you’re “always” working, the quality of your output will diminish.

Nobody wants that - so that’s why I’m sharing my top three tips for keeping your work-from-home space organized!

Keep it focused

The first step to creating a productive work-from-home area is to keep it focused on one location. Even if you’re short on space in your home, carving out a specific area of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. If you can, dedicate an entire room to your work, to really set a clear boundary.

After picking a location, stick to it. Once you’ve finished work, close down your laptop and step away from the workspace. It’s important that you only do work-related tasks there, and vice versa. This not only keeps it tidy and organized, but it also helps your brain associate that space with productivity and focus.

Out of sight, out of mind

Some people think of tidying and organization as simply tucking everything into a drawer. However, that is often not the best way if you want to stay on top of all your tasks. When we tidy lists and notebooks away into drawers and cupboards, it’s easy for us to simply forget they ever existed.

Instead, leave a simple to-do list out in the open and have one notebook ready to go, if you need one. Keep your notes condensed and clear to see, so that you actually remember what you’ve noted down. Anything else you use on an everyday basis can also stay out on your desk or work table, while other, less frequently used items can be tucked away. This keeps a nice balance between practicality and tidiness.

Think vertically

If you’re low on space, why not use the walls around your workspace? Investing in a simple corkboard is a great way to make the most of areas with little desk space. Not only can you pin notes, lists, and photos up, you can even get hanging organizers or stick-on shelves where you can store important documents that you need to do your work. This is a great way to save space, while still staying organized!

Have you got any organization tips of your own? Let’s share them down in the comments!



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