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When You Want More

Is everything lining up in your life, but you still find yourself feeling discontent?

Or is nothing going right and you just want to give up and start over?

Women who find themselves on either end of this spectrum - and anywhere in between - are experiencing a restlessness that is incredibly common.

We’re busy. We’re so busy! We’re juggling our families, jobs, relationships, and a nebulous concept called “self-care.” And that last part truly comes last, doesn’t it?

When I say “self-care,” I’m not talking about a massage or a wine night with the girls - although both of those activities sound like a great way to take time for yourself. When I say “self-care,” I’m talking about taking time to care for you at your very core.

When I coach women, I take them to that core. I help them explore the question: “What do I really want in my life?” We explore their deepest wants and desires that have gotten buried in all that busyness, all that caring for others, all of those extraneous activities that, at the end of the day, do not get them any closer to what they really want.

I’ve learned that when you feel stuck or restless, there are ways to move past it. Sometimes it takes a dramatic change, and other times it’s just some small tweaks that make a big difference.

Successful, content people have this figured out. They have honed their skills of perseverance and tenacity. When they hear no, they don’t listen. The good news is that there’s research behind what it takes to find that kind of success.

If you’re stuck in a period of restlessness and find yourself longing for something more, we should chat. Let’s help you move past that and into your true calling.



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