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You CAN Do This!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

At the beginning of January, many of us committed to resolutions, new goals, and new dreams. We developed a plan, identified strategies, and maybe even invested in some tools that will help us achieve our goals.

As we get close to the end of January, we often see people who were so excited, initially, start to lose steam. Sometimes it’s because we are so busy and other times we just don’t see results and are starting to wonder if the time and effort is even worth it.

Failure to continue working toward your dream is often a result of a couple of missing things.

When we are starting out determined to achieve a new goal, we often start with the how. How will I lose weight? How will I make more time for myself? How will I improve my business or career? How will I improve a relationship? We find and use a plan that other people have used to be successful.

So how come, if you are using those same tools and strategies that have worked for others, it’s not working for you?

Well, it goes back to the basic principles in the Environments of Success. I have learned that having the right tools and strategies, no matter how good, is not enough. If it were, then everyone who used the same tools and strategies would achieve the same results! But they don’t.

So what is the successful person doing differently? How come some people go on to achieve their dreams and goals and others don’t?

It comes down to behaviors and mindsets. Before you can implement any strategy, you have to consciously practice specific behaviors and mindsets. There are two key mindsets that need to be in place before implementing any tools and strategies:

(1) The first is your state of being. Your state of being is how you show up in the world. It includes your mental, physical and emotional parts. It is defined as the “quality of one’s consciousness as it relates to the outside world as well as the perception of inner thoughts and emotions. It includes your mood and your mental state at a certain point in time.”

Check your state every day. Are you energetic, excited, ready to rock the world with your goals? Keeping yourself at a high energy level puts you in the right mindset to know that you can achieve any goal you set.

One trick that you can use to get yourself in the right state is by moving your body. Movement gets your adrenaline going and puts you in a high energy state. Another way to put yourself in the right state is to consciously practice gratitude. Gratitude naturally takes us to a higher energy level. I have a practice where every morning I spend 5 minutes saying out loud everything I’m grateful for.

(2) The second thing you need to address before delving into the tools and strategies is your story. The story you are telling yourself about who you are. What are you telling yourself about achieving your goal? If you are trying to lose weight, are you telling yourself you are a healthy person? Or are you telling yourself you have tried this before and it has never worked?

As Tony Robbins says - "change your story, change your life." This includes the beliefs you have regarding your abilities. If you are telling yourself that you will never achieve something, you need to change your story. You need to create a new, powerful story that will include the achievement of all your goals and dreams.

You CAN do this! Just put yourself in the right state, change your story, implement your strategies and watch the results happen.

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