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Environments of Success

Why do some organizations and individuals struggle to achieve their goals and desired results while other organizations and individuals are excelling? What are successful, high achieving organizations, teams, and individuals doing differently?

Successful and high achieving organizations have not only implemented specific research based practices that will help the organization succeed, they have also identified and implemented key behaviors and mindsets that are essential in making these practices successful.  Without these key behaviors and mindsets, the most successful program or practice can fail.  Individually, these behaviors and mindsets develop his or her’s capacity and beliefs. Collectively, these behaviors and mindsets create a shared belief among employees, or a high sense of collective efficacy.


Environments of Success™ is a model that recognizes that for any individual or organization to be successful, it is not enough to only implement best practices but to also create a foundation of behaviors and mindsets necessary to ensure the success of any goal.  You can achieve any goal you set and you can attain unimaginable levels of success within your organization and personally. All you have to do is practice the behaviors and mindsets you will learn in Environments of Success. Decide what you want, believe it will happen, implement the behaviors and mindsets and be prepared for success.

Meet Michele

Dr. Michele Andorfer is a Consultant and President of Diamond Innovations LLC.  She is a skilled leader in organizational improvement, research and design, curriculum development, project management and development of human capital. Dr. Andorfer is a successful coach, consultant, and speaker and is a certified trainer of the Success Principles™. She is also the author of the upcoming book Environments of Success™. She is passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their goals and live fulfilling and purposeful lives through the creation of powerful mindsets and intentional behaviors.

Dr. Andorfer is a visionary and innovative leader with a successful record of working with individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their desired outcomes.  She has an extensive background and a variety of experiences which include successful oversight of project management through the process of planning, implementation and completion. She also has exceptional communication skills and the ability to build collaborative relationships with all stakeholders. 

An administrator and teacher in public education, she has worked in various capacities to educate and improve the educational experience for all students.  Her success is demonstrated by the recognition she has received throughout her career as a practitioner and administrator which includes The Distinguished Alumni Award through Marian University; The National At Risk Educator Network Award; The Middle School Teacher of the Year Award.

She has been published in the Wisconsin Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (WASCD) Highlighter regarding her research on Teacher Collective Efficacy and is also the author of “Taking the Leap” a short story which will be included in Jack Canfield’s forthcoming book-“Living the Success Principles: Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People Achieving Extraordinary Results”



“Attending Diamond Innovation’s ‘Environments of Success’ workshop was a game-changer for me. Not only were the concepts and exercises critical for understanding and driving change in my workplace, but they also fundamentally changed the way I approach my personal goals. I encourage anyone who is stuck in any part of their life to attend a Diamond Innovations session. The presentation was great, and the takeaway tools are exceptional. The sessions are powerful for individuals and essential for leadership groups who desire healthy, happy employees ready to meet the changing needs of customers and society.”

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