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5 Ways to Make an Impact on the World Around You

“Making an impact” can sound lofty and far away – but anyone can make a difference. Some people might invent a product that changes the way people do something, or become an internationally known speaker. Even if those talents aren’t in your wheelhouse, there are plenty of ways even “average” people can do great things!

The world keeps spinning because of people who want to make a meaningful impact closer to home. Let’s talk about how you can do that in 2023…

Run for a local political office

No matter what end of the political spectrum you sit at, the best people to run for local office are the people who care most about that area. Residents know the pesky problems and ongoing issues that can often get missed - so why not put that insider knowledge to good use?

NPR has gathered some tips for how to run for public office, but a good first step is to speak to your local neighborhood and express your interest to others. You’ll need their support to get votes, after all!

Start a local social club

Technically, we have so many ways to meet new people now but many of us are still lonely. In fact, 30% of adults reported loneliness, while survey data from 2019 shows that 58% of Americans often felt like no one in their life knew them well.

Starting some kind of social club can help you connect to those around you, understand your local community, and perhaps identify even more ways to help those around you and do some good. Whether it’s a walking group, a book club, or any other interest, think about starting something new in your community.

Volunteer on a regular basis

You also don’t have to start a new organization to make a positive impact on your community. Many existing organizations are desperate for support and by volunteering your time, you can help them to provide the services your community relies on.

Depending on your skills, local charities might need help serving meals, tutoring children, or any number of different activities that often don’t require experience. While these might all seem like simple tasks, you can make a real difference to the organization and to the people around you.

Offer mentorship

No matter your background, you will have valuable experience and insight for those at an early stage than you. Think about mentoring college students looking to get into your career path, or ask around at schools in lower-income neighborhoods to see whether they are looking for any guest speakers.

Anything you can do to help make the future better for those who come after you will have exponential benefits. Give extra consideration to those from minority groups who may not have access to similar programs and see where you could do the most good!

Practice random acts of kindness

Starting small with random acts of kindness - like smiling at a stranger or holding the door open for someone - can really turn someone’s day around. Sometimes, your random act of kindness could even start a ripple effect that can spread far beyond you.

Studies show that simple acts of kindness can actually make the person doing them happier and healthier as well, while also lifting the spirits of your community.

What do you think about these ideas? I hope you feel empowered to go out and make an impact!



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