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How to Know if You're Stuck in Your Comfort Zone

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Which of the following sounds more like you:

  • You often find yourself going with the flow, not rocking the boat, and taking a known path.

  • You feel comfortable striking out on your own direction, regardless of what others are doing.

How about these:

  • The most common word out of your mouth is “yes” and you find it hard to turn people down.

  • You have no problem sticking to your boundaries.

If the first option sounds more like you in both of those examples, you might be someone who finds it hard to break out of your comfort zone. Read on for some more signs to consider.

You’re A People Pleaser

Trying hard to please others, often at the expense of your own needs and wants, is a classic sign of being stuck in your comfort zone. Constantly needing to please people means that you’re getting validation from others, and not your own actions.

It’s a form of avoiding conflict and means you’re used to going with the flow. However scary it might feel, don’t be afraid of backing your own priorities. If you don’t do it, no one will.

You Have Difficulty Making Decisions

Do you feel paralyzed when a decision falls to you? This likely comes from a fear of making the wrong decision, but it ends up with you not making a decision at all.

Often, freezing and inaction are actually worse than choosing the wrong option.

You Tend to Avoid Leadership Roles

Even if you know you want to lead, do you find yourself shying away from actually taking on the challenge? Does it seem like a far-off dream that might happen one day, but not to the version of you right now?

Leading might seem unfamiliar and outside of your usual tasks, but you’ll never grow if you don’t push yourself to experience new things. Becoming a leader is something you learn with experience, so go out there and grab it next time the opportunity comes along.

If any of those situations sounded familiar, you might be stuck in your comfort zone. The good news is that you don’t have to stay there! I’ve already gathered some tips and tricks together here about how you can start to escape from that familiar place and start pushing yourself to bigger and better things.



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