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Making 2020 Still Count

Go ahead and list all of all the things you didn’t accomplish in 2020 that you intended to do.

Seriously, I’ll wait.

Now that’s the opposite of most advice you get, right? People usually tell us to “focus on the positive” and “let go of failures.”

But I think it’s important to revisit the intentions you set for the year and reflect on what you can still do… what’s no longer possible… and what you need to pivot.

Let’s use an example. Let’s say you had a sales or recruiting goal for the year that was completely decimated by the pandemic. Barring an outright miracle, there’s no way you’re going to hit that goal.

But what can you salvage out of that goal? Is there another way you can measure success?

If the overall number isn’t possible, perhaps the goal for a particular segment of your target audience is still achievable. Focus on making that number happen, and you’ll still come out of 2020 with a win.

Another way you can make 2020 still count is through a pivot. I recently wrote about how to reframe your priorities in light of uncertainty and change.

Let’s talk about another way to adapt to uncontrollable circumstances.

A core tenet of my framework, Environments of Success (EOS), is a simple formula: E + R = O

In other words, “Event + Response = Outcome”

In the case of 2020, you cannot control the “Event.” The pandemic happened, the economy crashed, and millions of lives were affected. But you can control your “Response” in order to get the “Outcome” that you desire.

Perhaps your “Response” is a new innovation that improves your organization. Or maybe your “Response” is an increased focus on the well-being of the people within your care, whether that’s family, a work team, or your clients.

All I’m asking is that you do something.

Don’t be a passive bystander to the wreckage of 2020. Take responsibility for what you can control. Let’s make this year still count!



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