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Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Techniques for Breaking Through Your Barriers

When it comes to achieving our goals, there is one main obstacle that too many of us have in common: limiting beliefs.

We tell ourselves that we can’t do something or we can’t achieve a goal, even if evidence shows us that we could. These thoughts are often untrue and come from a place of fear. I firmly believe that we can do whatever we put our minds to - but fear holds us back.

If you want to truly achieve your goals and create a life that feels fulfilling, here are some techniques on how to overcome these barriers.

Name Your Limiting Beliefs

You can’t overcome something if you can’t identify it. Putting those untruths to rest, once and for all, is how you will overcome them.

Sometimes limiting beliefs are obvious. We say things like I’m too old to change careers or I’ve tried everything and nothing works. In these situations, it’s easy to identify them.

However, in other situations, they might not be as obvious. We convince ourselves that we aren’t good at something because we’re afraid of failing. I can’t take that workout class because it won’t be fun for me. How do we know that it won’t be fun if we don’t try first??

Once you identify the beliefs that are holding you back, you can start to adjust them and combat those untrue thoughts with the truth.

Understand Your Role

Whether we want to admit it or not, the reason why we have limiting beliefs in the first place is because we created them. While some situations are out of our control (for example, we may have had some untrue thoughts drilled into us because of an unhealthy relationship) - the way we react to them is always within our control.

Once you’ve identified your limiting beliefs, think about the meaning behind them. Is it fear? The unknown? Determine why are you telling yourself these things in the first place and make decisions on how you will approach them when they pop up in the future. You can’t overcome them if you don’t confront them!

Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

Now that you know what these beliefs are and why you created them in your mind, it’s time to challenge them. These beliefs exist because you decided that they were true. To overcome them, you have to convince yourself otherwise.

For example, if you are avoiding taking a painting class because you convinced yourself that you wouldn’t be good at painting, ask yourself what if? What if I am good at painting? What if I do enjoy it?

Taking control of the outcome and flipping the narrative will help you challenge your limiting beliefs, eventually overcome them, and start achieving your true goals.

Break Through Your Barriers for a More Fulfilled Life

A lot of times, people know that they’re unhappy but aren’t sure how to change it. Learning how to identify, challenge, and overcome your limiting beliefs will go a long way in helping you go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered and ready to live a fulfilling life.

For more advice on how to overcome what is holding you back, click here to download my free resource on overcoming limiting beliefs!



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